December 18, 2017


How I came to this world

About my mindset

My favorite quotes…

If you’re thinking without writing, you only think you’re thinking.

‘hope’ is not a strategy.

Learning questions level: what? -> why? -> how?

Your code doesn’t make money, your application does!!! RELEASE FIRST!!!

My favorite books

Open source projects

  • Boogeyman: A simple extra search package.
  • Chio: Exports module’s metrics for checking it’s stability and flexibility.
  • Api generator: Generate restful api from mongodb.
  • Anime crawling system: Crawling anime base on rss config.
  • SFRM: Safe linux rm command.
  • Http-mock: A package that help you create mock http call for unit test.

Published services


Personal #til notes go here.


  • Paper reading festival (event of VAIJ community - 20180819). Slide go here.
  • HMM at a glance. Slide go here.

To be continued…

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